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ESAB AIUB Unit Face Requirement Policy

Engineering Students' Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) is a non-profit organization that has established itself as the largest volunteer organization of the country that works for the growing engineering students' community. Since its inception, ESAB has involved itself in addressing social causes and introducing new technologies among students and has always been trying to be a common platform for engineering students from all over the country. There are many benefits in you can avail as a member of ESAB. You can get access to the nation’s largest engineering community where over 4000+ expert hand is waiting for you. Over 54+ unit faces across the country and 10,000+ members are waiting to welcome you in ESAB community. ESAB is creating bridge between engineers to government that will help you to reach government with your idea. Your CV will be circulated to over 1000+ company after graduation where you will have the golden opportunity to connect with professionals and respective authorities to show your skills. Each year ESAB organize a fair, number of free grooming sessions with different corporate and international events throughout the year. Our members can participate over numbers of workshop and seminar arranged by ESAB Unit Faces.

Engineering Student's Association Bangladesh (ESAB), the largest engineering student's community in Bangladesh


  • Membership Requirement: Once in a semester.
  • Membership fee is 1000 Taka (Life time membership)


All the benefits you will get as a member

  • Lifetime membership
  • There will be special discounts on every workshop organized by ESAB and members will get more priority than non- member.
  • Opportunity to work with AIUB unit face as a volunteer*
  • CV Circulation in 1000+ companies after graduation
  • Direct participation in national level events, seminars, conferences, and workshops organized by the ESAB